Game meets reality

Augmented Reality Games | from Idea to Execution

The idea to combine augmented reality and kart driving popped up after having a closer look at the area of electro mobility.

The idea took on a life of its own and further evolved into what we now have implemented: 

an innovative, new way to play kartgames - real driving, on a virtual game board, together, in the same room, in the here and now. 

With a clever combination of different technologies, we’ve created an interactive and intense experience for all ages.


Come and experience this new activity. Try it out yourselves, with friends, family or your work team.




For Business Partners

Are you interested in a similar setup for your leisure park or an extension to your recreational center?

We also provide a complete system setup that includes custom built electric karts and continuously updated equipment and games.



Contact us. We’d love to assist you in your project.

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